Clash Tech was created by Marcin Skok and Nick Scala in September 2014. After years of arguing over technology, we just decided that we should write this stuff down somewhere.

Maybe other people care, maybe they don’t, but we hope you enjoy it!

Marcin Skok
Clash Tech is a representation of a philosophy that I’ve held dear for many years: there is always something valuable to discuss. Personally? I love technology and cutting edge entertainment. My family has had some form of personal computer ever since the year 1994 or thereabouts, so I’ve always been on the cutting edge. I read magazines, blogs, Twitter feeds, and everything else to find out about the next big thing. I have somewhat of a reputation as a Microsoft fan, so I would assume that I provide a useful foil to my colleague’s Apple-centrism.

Graduating from the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY Baruch with a major in Advertising and Marketing Communications, I currently work in the B2B Information Technology sector as a Marketing Associate for UpClear, Inc. I love learning languages, travelling, and video editing. For more information about me, head over to my personal site.

Nick Scala
Call me a fanboy, an evangelist, or whatever you will, I have always had a strong connection towards technology and specifically the Apple brand. My father works in advertising and I can remember yelling in excitement as a seven year old when he bought the family a PowerMac G4 and Cinema Display for Christmas back in 1999. There has always been something about the interconnectivity between hardware, software, and services and the unparalleled attention to detail, design, and quality that create technology experiences like no other. I have previously worked as a Specialist in a NYC flagship Apple Store and appreciate how their focus is truly customer-centric. Their ideology of blending liberal arts and technology align to my own personal interests being a technology enthusiast as well as a photographer and musician.

Graduating from the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY Baruch with a major in Computer Information Systems, I currently work in the financial technology sector as a Business Systems Analyst for Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services. I have also recently enrolled in Boston University’s Graduate Program to earn a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in IT Project Management. Some of my other passions include UX design, finance, and traveling. For more information about me, including some of my photography and music, head over to my personal site.