Office for Mac Doesn’t Suck Anymore, Try it for Yourself

Office for Mac Doesn’t Suck Anymore, Try it for Yourself

Some of the most maligned software during my time at school was the Office suite that many students automatically installed on their MacBooks. Despite it being the best productivity software available on the platform, many rightfully complained about the lack of features and ugly design. Some people tried to switch to Apple’s iWorks suite, but begrudgingly returned to the lesser of two disasters once they were fed up.

Microsoft has neglected Mac users for obvious reasons: to push its Windows platform. With a new line of thinking comes a new approach. Meet Office for Mac 2016.

Office for Mac 2016 Preview is now available for all users to try and continues to exemplify the new Microsoft’s dedication to quality, multiplatform software. No longer do you have to dabble around with keyboard shortcuts to try to replicate that Excel function. No longer do you have to fiddle with OneDrive and just hope it works.

Try the Preview for Yourself

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:


Word for Mac 2016 Preview

Word features a new Design tab and Format Object task pane, which greatly improves and quickens the design process.


Excel for Mac 2016 Preview

Probably what most people are going to cheer about. Excel now features the same keyboard shortcuts that its Windows brother utilizes. Many functions have been added as well.


PowerPoint for Mac 2016 Preview

Lots of new here. Slide transitions, and improved Animations task pane, and improved coauthoring with threaded comments and version comparison tools.


OneNote for Mac 2016 Preview

Not much new here. Microsoft has consistently updated the OneNote app recently.


Outlook for Mac 2016 Preview

Also recently updated, this app now features Online Archive, category list sync, weather for calendar, apps for Office, and a side-by-side calendar.

A quick trial of these apps shows that while there are still some feature gaps, Microsoft is well on its way to making yet another portion of its user base happy.