PSA: 4 Steps to Revert to the 4-Digit Passcode on iOS 9

PSA: 4 Steps to Revert to the 4-Digit Passcode on iOS 9

Lately, I’ve heard a couple of complaints from a few of my friends who are new to iPhone/iOS. Having to type an extra two digits to log on is a big pain and, personally, I don’t blame them. As part of iOS 9, Apple now requires any new device (or old devices that have been restored to factory settings running iOS 9) to create a 6-digit passcode as part of the initial setup. Apple’s reasoning behind this centers around the idea that with more digits comes more combinations, making the passcode more difficult to crack. As Apple states on their site:


Of course, the passcode should only be used on the off chance that Touch ID isn’t functionality properly, unless you’re one of my friends who purchased an iPhone 6S and didn’t even know about the fingerprint sensor (I’m not naming names, but they know who they are). For those setting up a new device: first, congratulations for being smart when choosing your smartphone purchase, and second, you’ll want to use a small “Passcode Options” button on the bottom of the setup screen. This asks you to create a new passcode where you can switch to the 4-digit code. However, given that most of you have already set up your device and, I assume, don’t want to restore to factory settings (erasing all of your selfies and Candy Crush high scores), here are the 4 steps to revert to the 4-digit passcode on iOS 9:

  1. Navigate to the “Touch ID & Passcode” settings
  2. Tap “Change Passcode”
  3. Tap “Passcode Options”
  4. Tap “4-Digit Numeric Code”

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Voila! You have successfully rendered useless a couple of hours of software development and testing from a small team in Cupertino and restored your much-beloved 4-digit passcode! Just try not to make your passcode “0-0-0-0” or “1-2-3-4” or “2-5-8-0” and you should be safe!