Samsung’s Latest is Theft at Its Finest

Samsung’s Latest is Theft at Its Finest

Samsung has just announced the latest edition of their flagship Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, at the Mobile World Congress 2015 event in Barcelona. Without much further ado, these new phones overstep previous boundaries of pure uncreative theft. The Verge states, “The S6 and S6 Edge have a completely redesigned look and feel and have ditched the cheap plastic for premium metal and glass.” Sound familiar? One of the longstanding complaints of the Galaxy line and the majority of Android devices is that they don’t have the premium feel of the iPhone. Well, with the latest Galaxy iteration, the theft doesn’t stop there.

At first glance, here are the things that I have found so far that has left me speechless:

  1. “Samsung Pay”
  2. The new fingerprint sensor that works by simply tapping your finger on the home button compared to the previous generation that required an awkward swipe down (check out the way to input your fingerprints)
  3. The metal frame for structural stability
  4. The non-removeable battery
  5. All internal storage with no removable micro SD card slot
  6. The 128GB model
  7. The 64-bit processor
  8. The speaker has been moved to the bottom to the right of the charging port

Marcin thinks that I might be taking some of these associations too far, but the fact remains that the industry is having difficulty innovating, and besides a few OEMs, has just decided to copy Apple’s aesthetic because they know that it sells well.

If I was Jony Ive, or a member of his team, I don’t know if I would take this as a compliment or be outraged, but I am sure this will create quite the noise in Cupertino