Soundtrack Sunday: Icarus – Main Theme – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This week’s announcement of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was accompanied by a slick trailer that introduced us both to Adam Jensen’s new abilities and a continuation of the storyline started in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It also reminded me of that classic E3 trailer for the previous game, a CGI masterpiece which I would rank as amongst the best ever produced examples in the history of the medium.

A chief reason for this is the Icarus Main Theme. The curious thing about both the trailer and the piece itself is how they feel like they cover an entire narrative arc. From Jensen’s grieving over his wife, to his transformation into an augmented soldier, to an obvious climax where he is flying some sort of vehicle in a play on that ever-present Icarus reference, the delivery is engrossing and packs a lot of punch over the course of just three and a half minutes. A refreshing mix of chorus and techno elements play well off of each other.

This is in contrast to Mankind Divided’s track, which feels like it was produced to follow a more traditional trailer format. Here, both the trailer and the song stand strong individually as representatives of their own categories of media.

Because listening to the track by itself hardly does justice to its masterful coordination with the storytelling of the trailer, I have included the original video below for your enjoyment.