Soundtrack Sunday: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – “Hyperion Overture”

Soundtrack Sunday. This is where we pay tribute to the sometimes-obscure but always awesome musical compositions that video games, movies, and shows have given us. Each weekend, we’ll feature a new song that we thought really stood tall as an example of strong independent music or was the perfect accompaniment for whatever was happening on screen. With no further delay, here’s our first Soundtrack Sunday!

The above track is slightly strange because it doesn’t appear to have an official name. Although sometimes titled “Hyperion Overture,” this particular piece was primarily used to accompany a trailer.

This trailer, alongside a cinematic, signified the announcement of StarCraft II in 2007. To call it anticipated was an understatement: hundreds of thousands of players were still playing the first game almost a decade later and the nation of South Korea owed much of its internet infrastructure development to the demand for stable multiplayer. Heck, that game even had its own TV channels for competitions! StarCraft is still 1 of the most respected and balanced RTS (strategy) franchises and basically gave credibility to the concept of eSports. This particular piece was the perfect crescendo to play on fans’ hearts and show them that, yes, there was an actual, new, StarCraft on the way. Never before was a sequel announcement so celebrated as this, arguably for any medium.

Agree with our choice? Have any suggestions for pieces that were really powerful for you? Just drop us a comment!

StarCraft II