Soundtrack Sunday: The Legend of Korra

Soundtrack Sunday: The Legend of Korra

This weekend marked the conclusion of yet another television series as The Legend of Korra finished off its four “book” arc with a stunning symphony of choreographed action and mature storytelling.

For those unfortunate enough to not yet be acquainted with the series, The Legend of Korra is a spin-off of the critically-acclaimed Avatar: The Last Airbender. Fusing elements of Eastern spirituality with a society divided into four types of elemental “benders”, The Last Airbender played on a simple premise of a diverse band of kids teaming up to prevent a senseless and devastating war. The show was well-liked and good fun, and Korra was thus born.

Korra grew up with its audience. Through its four seasons, it chronicled the emotional growth of Korra, the newest Avatar. Paralleling its audience’s growth, most of whom were kids when they watched the original Avatar, Korra dealt with themes of love, betrayal, acceptance, and societal upheaval. The themes were often more risqué and innovative than even its publisher, Nickelodeon, was comfortable with. This is partly why Korra became online-only towards the end of its third season, a decision that Nickelodeon partially reversed as the show marched on towards its conclusion.

And what a conclusion it was. With the risk of spoilers ruining your enjoyment of the series (which you should definitely, no doubt, go do it now, watch), I’ll just say that the finale was a bold and satisfying conclusion to a story which continually broke safe “children’s show” conventions as it developed. It was a very emotional journey, a journey which is capped off by today’s Soundtrack Sunday track: The Legend of Korra theme.

Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra theme is bright, yet reflective. Slow, yet energetic. Young, yet experienced. It’s the perfect send-off for a show which delighted millions and is sure to inspire generations to come. It was written by Jeremy Zuckerman, and the Zhonghu and erhu were performed by Hong Wang.

Hats off to Team Avatar: it was quite a ride.