Three Reasons Why Microsoft is Turning it Around – E3 2015

Three Reasons Why Microsoft is Turning it Around – E3 2015

The concept of a publisher “winning” E3 is something that I have disagreed with. It’s not as if, through the magic of a 90 minute press conference, a company can catapult itself so far ahead of the others through the battle for public attention that all competitors might as well go home. If I had to apply the concept of “winning” to these presentations, it would be in a more modest vein. Quite simply, if a publisher accomplishes what it set out to do and either a) resets expectations after a difficult time or b) proves to its fans and intended audiences that its taking things up to the next level, said company would have “won.”

Microsoft’s Xbox division has been doing “just fine” recently, especially when considering that it has been selling consoles faster than during the heyday of the Xbox 360. It’s just that PlayStation 4 has been doing much better. Going into E3, Microsoft wanted to steal some of the conversation back. It appears that they have succeeded.

Backwards Compatibility

Although it would been better to announce this earlier, the fact that Microsoft pulled off this feat is still impressive. There’s still dozens of millions of people who haven’t yet switched to the newer generation of consoles, and being able to play older games would be a huge deciding factor for when they do decide to pick up a new console.

Fallout 4 (and more?) Modding and Other PC Features

In a sign of things of come, it appears that Microsoft is allowing with compatibility of mods created on PC with Xbox games. This starts with Fallout 4. It’s a nice differentiator to push people towards the Xbox version of the game, but the feature could develop to be a bigger deal if its extended to more games. Other PC-like features such as Game Preview show that Microsoft is leaning on the strengths of its other platform to increase the flexibility of the Xbox platform.

Games, Games, Games

Halo 5: Guardians. Recore. Rise of the Tomb Raider. Ion. Gears of War 4. Sea of Thieves. Minecraft.

Microsoft has a deep bench of studios and exclusives to draw from, which are going to make a big difference this holiday season if Sony doesn’t have an answer waiting.

Microsoft has a strong hand going into this holiday season. Their crossplatform mantra appears to be gaining steam within the Xbox groups, with more games available across platforms and each platform showcasing what it does best, from Xbox, to Windows PCs, to HoloLens.

Don’t fret if what Microsoft showed wasn’t up your alley. Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, and the PC Gaming Show all have a shot at captivating their audiences and “winning”. We look forward to following along with you as the action unfolds!